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Create stunning and unique nail art shortly with these cat eye nails, used with cat eye nail gel. Very good magnetism assists you in easily getting the cat eye effect within 5-10 Seconds. Simple and fast to create lovely nails for long-lasting tips. Using new magnetic supplies and manufacturing know-how, easy to make use of, protected, and durable. Double-head Pen, flower sample, and 4-piece dotting design could make a special design for cat eye gel polish. These nail artwork instruments are lightweight, and easy to carry and retail. It is suitable for women’s professional salons, studios, or residence use.

First, apply cat eye gel polish, second, place the magnet in your nails for 10-15. Seconds to get a cat eye impact. Third, instantly with UV light for two minutes or LED light for 60 seconds. You’ll obtain a set of 19 cat eye magnetic instruments, including 1 x flower cat eye magnetic pen, 4 x nail magnetic point pen, 1 x double-headed cat eye magnetic stick. 2 x single-headed cat eye magnetic stick, 1 x bare magnetic cat eyes, 1 x cat-eye black magnetic plate, 6 x completely different form cat-eye magnetic plate. A sufficient quantity to meet your different needs.


You can get a 9d cat eye black hold effect with a black color base and magnet stick. This effect needs skill for beginners, practice makes perfect. If you find cat eye gel becomes dark when you use a magnet stick, just use another sign to make it bright again. Nothing about quality. And others kinds of effect is easy to operate for a beginner. YEPYEGO dual colors cat eye gel polish package includes 1*9d galaxy cat eye gel, 1*black magnetic gel polish, and 1*flower magnet stick.

Got 1 Set for 4 kinds of different effects. This 9D cat eye effect allows you to have a galaxy gorgeous on your nails, not only with the cat eye (black hole) effect. But also with chameleon color/ galaxy effect/ shimmer effect when you match with the different operations. Different effects depend on the light and angle. You can also get a shimmer effect without the black gel color if you want a gentle style

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