7 Best cat eye gel polish brands

There are numerous gel polishes available in the shop, making it challenging to select the right one. It’s tricky to determine which brands are reliable and which ones should be avoided. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have created the ultimate guide. We will discuss various features and factors to consider when shopping, enabling you to make a final decision and purchase your best cat eye gel polish brands without wasting money. Additionally, we have provided a list of high-quality product reviews that you can see. Let’s begin.

Details of the top cat eye gel polish:

1. Ideal Swan 17 Piece Magnet Nail Art Polish

17 Piece Magnet Nail Art Polish Tool Set

Create beautiful and unique nail art quickly with these cat eye nails. Superb magnetism helps you easy to get the cat eye effect within 5-10 Seconds. Easy and quick to create beautiful nails for long-lasting tips. These nail art tools are lightweight and easy to carry and store. It’s suitable for girls’ professional salons, studios, or home use.

2. Mobray 5D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

Mobray 5D Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

With different normal shinning effects this polish gives a real cat eye effect and chameleon color. Which brings a double-perfect effect. A magnetic stick and a black base color are needed. Mobray 24-48W nail lamp with smart sensor allows you to put your hand into the nail lamp.

3. DRMODE Liquid Latex for Nails

Liquid Latex for Nails

Saves time cleaning excess nail polish and reduces exposure to acetone/solvents. Mix the powder with the No Wipe Top Coat and apply it to nails, then use a magnetic stick to create patterns. The nails will display an amazing fairy cat eye effect and chameleon color. You’ll see the galaxy effect.

4. JOYA MIA Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

JOYA MIA Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish

JOYA MIA, With these highly pigmented gel polish colors you will get within seconds the great cat eye effect. Every woman has a wild cat inside. Ready to jump, waiting for the perfect moment. Bring out the wild cat of you, with the new gel polish soak-off.

5. Senvenski 10 Colors Gel Nail Polish

senvenski 10 Colors Gel Nail Polish

Made of natural resin, non-toxic formula. No harsh ingredients or adhesives with a low smell. Beautiful colors can make you attract attention on any occasion. Brilliant gifts for a family member, nail art starter, or friend for a birthday. This color gel polish meets the needs of professionals, beauty technicians, and students.

6. Modelones 1 PCS 15ml Holo-Rainbow

modelones 1 PCS 15ml Holo-Rainbow

High Durability makes it last longer and brings you a brilliant shiny finish. Spend 3 minutes and get long-lasting for 28+ days under proper application. Do not cure the cat’s eye gel before using the magnet, or the magnet powders are not fluid and cannot be absorbed.

7. KADS Brands


Full and brightly colored, no flow, no shrink, non-yellowing, long-lasting, and smooth. Long time lasting with accurate usage, can last for 30 days. Strong 3D stereoscopic feeling, glistens like a cat’s eye. The spot of cat eye gel polish will change with the angle of the light.

Our Suggested Brands:

Ideal Swan

Create stunning and unique nail art shortly with these cat eye nails, used with cat eye nail gel. Very good magnetism assists you in easily getting the cat eye effect within 5-10 Seconds. Simple and fast to create lovely nails for long-lasting tips. Using new magnetic supplies and manufacturing know-how, easy to make use of, protected, and durable. Double-head Pen, flower sample, and 4-piece dotting design could make a special design for cat eye gel polish. These nail artwork instruments are lightweight, and easy to carry and retail. It is suitable for women’s professional salons, studios, or residence use.

First, apply cat eye gel polish, second, place the magnet in your nails for 10-15. Seconds to get a cat eye impact. Third, instantly with UV light for two minutes or LED light for 60 seconds. You’ll obtain a set of 19 cat eye magnetic instruments, including 1 x flower cat eye magnetic pen, 4 x nail magnetic point pen, 1 x double-headed cat eye magnetic stick. 2 x single-headed cat eye magnetic stick, 1 x bare magnetic cat eyes, 1 x cat-eye black magnetic plate, 6 x completely different form cat-eye magnetic plate. A sufficient quantity to meet your different needs.


You can get a 9D cat eye black hold effect with a black color base and magnet stick. This effect needs skill for beginners, practice makes perfect. If you find cat eye gel becomes dark when you use a magnet stick, just use another sign to make it bright again. Nothing about quality. Other kinds of effect is easy to operate for a beginner. YEPYEGO dual colors cat eye gel polish package includes 1*9d galaxy cat eye gel, 1*black magnetic gel polish, and 1*flower magnet stick.

Got 1 Set for 4 kinds of different effects. This 9D cat eye effect allows you to have a galaxy gorgeous on your nails, not only with the cat eye (black hole) effect. But also with chameleon color/ galaxy effect/ shimmer effect when you match with the different operations. Different effects depending on the light and angle. You can also get a shimmer effect without the black gel color if you want a gentle style

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