10 Best liquid latex for nails

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DR.MODE liquid latex set features a 15ml bottle of antifreeze white nail latex, a 15ml bottle of antifreeze pink nail latex, a 15ml bottle of white nail latex, a 15ml bottle of pink nail latex, and two stainless-steel tweezers. Latex nail polish barrier is a superb cleanup tool for creating various nail art styles such as nail polish, stamping, marbling, gradient sponge, chrome nails, and extra. Liquid latex for nails is straightforward to use, has fast drying, and is easy to peel off in a single piece. Liquid latex for nails saves time cleaning excess nail polish and reduces the publicity to acetone/solvents.

Nail latex tape takes roughly 1 to three minutes to dry, relying on the thickness of the application. Wait till it is clear before making use of the polish, then simply peel off the liquid latex for a clear cuticle space. DR.MODE nail polish protector for fingers adopts a brand new upgraded antifreeze formula, which won’t dry up even in chilly climates, and won’t affect the use in winter. Their liquid latex for nail peel-off is manufactured from a protected material, does not hurt skin and nails, and has no irritating scent. The nail polish guard can block the contact between the nail polish and the skin, and keep the cuticle area clean.

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