5 Best magnetic nail polish brands

Magnetic nail polish is a completely unique type of polish that includes steel particles and responds to a magnet. Creating a sample or design for the nails. While this trend become extra outstanding a few years in the past, you could still locate some quality magnetic nail polish brands.

Top magnetic nail polish:

  1. Nails Inc: Nails Inc turned into one of the pioneers in magnetic nail polish. They presented various sunglasses with magnetic effects that created different patterns.
  2. Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color: Sally Hansen magnetic nail polish kits that included a bottle of polish and a magnet that you held over the wet polish to create a layout.
  3. China Glaze Magnetix: China Glaze released a line of magnetic polishes that came with a cap containing a magnet. This allowed you to create unique styles on your nails.
  1. Essie Repstyle: Essie had a group referred to as “Repstyle” that protected nail polishes. The series featured wealthy metal shades and a magnetic cap for creating textured designs.
  2. Catrice Magnetista: Catrice presented a number of magnetic nail polish shades that created patterns while a magnet become implemented over the wet polish.

Our suggested brands:

1. Ideal Swan, These nail art tools are lightweight and simple to hold and store. It is suitable for women’s professional salons, studios, or home use. Using new magnetic materials and manufacturing technology, simple to use, secure, and durable. Double-head Pen, flower pattern, and 4-piece dotting design could make a particular design for cat eye gel polish. Create stunning and unique nail art shortly with these cat eye nails, used with cat eye nail gel. Superb magnetism provides help to easy to get the cat eye impact within 5-10 Seconds. Simple and fast to create stunning nails for long-lasting suggestions.

Learn how to Use- First, apply cat eye gel polish, second, place the magnet in your nails for 10-15. Seconds to get a cat eye impact Third, immediately with UV light for two minutes or LED light for 60 seconds.

2. Mobray, With different normal shining effects this polish gives a real cat eye effect and chameleon color, which brings a double perfect effect. Mix the color, and you can get an amazing result. Different effects depend on the light and angle. A magnetic stick and a black base color are needed. 6pcs 3d cat eye UV magnetic gel polish+ 1pc bond gel(nail primer) +1pc magnet stick. Beautiful shades of popular and fashionable colors suitable for all seasons and daily life! All in one kit, save your money and time at the salon. The best resin is the raw material. Brand new, NON-TOXIC, and harmless resin, high-quality gel with low smell, good tenacity.

Protecting your health and beauty is our responsibility. Mobray nail lamp is designed with the cat’s paw shape, a curved shell design to protect your eyes, soft light can prevent skin browning. It is also easy to clean and lightweight. Mobray brands have a 48W nail lamp with a smart sensor that allows you to put your hand into the nail lamp, it will automatically light up without manual operations.

Last Updated on August 11, 2023

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