Nail drill for natural nails

Are you looking for the best nail drill for natural nails? this is the right place, We added a few top-quality nail drills. Using a nail drill on natural nails requires caution and proper technique to avoid damaging the nails. Also known as electric nail files, can be helpful for tasks like shaping, smoothing, and removing dead cuticles, but they should be used with care.

Nail Drill for Natural Nails:

1. MelodySusie Professional 30000-rpm Drills

A Belt clip of the body case allows you to hang it on your belt on the waist and it is compact

MelodySusie is awesome for nail buffing, filling the shape of various nails, and smoothing calluses or hardened skin on your hands and feet. You can use this nail drill anywhere anytime. Being fully charged for about 2-2.5 hours, the electric nail file will work up to 10 hours. A Belt clip of the body case allows you to hang it on your belt on the waist and it is compact.

2. Beurer MP62 Professional Nail Drill Kit

Beurer MP62 Professional Nail Drill Kit

Beurer MP62 is designed to help you achieve salon-quality, flawless nails on your hands and feet – maintain healthy nails at home by shaping, filing, and buffing. You can easily control the speed level and rotation of the nail filer according to your nail care needs suitable for all skin types including those with diabetes. This user-friendly e-file kit comes with a practical storage case to keep all the accessories organized.

3. AIRSEE Speed 20,000 RPM

AIRSEE, Speed control button to adjust the speed 0-20,000 RPM

AIRSEE, Speed control button to adjust the speed 0-20,000 RPM. Designs with Forward and Reverse rotation directions are suitable for any right-handed or left-handed use. 5 boxes of colorful nail art rhinestone decorations, with a variety of patterns, can be used to embellish nails, makeup, mobile phones, and other DIY crafts.

4. YaFex, Good For Acrylic

YaFex, The oblique tail design at the end of the pen

YaFex, The oblique tail design at the end of the pen is not only fashionable but also useful. Ideal for acrylic application, drawing lines, and fine drawing on nail tips. Easy to achieve various nail styles you prefer with the nail brush. Suitable for professional salons and home DIY nail art. The electric nail file works long time and has low noise, good for acrylic and natural nails.

5. Huhubol Cordless Nail Drill Machine.

Huhubol Cordless Nail Drill Machine.

It is equipped with an upgraded 30000rpm coreless motor, which is divided into 30 adjustable speed levels to meet precise control. The high quality of the nail drill machine creates the identity of low noise, low vibration, and low heat, providing high comfort and smooth operation to various hardness of nails.


KUIIYER 35000RPM, Suitable for beauty parlor, nail salon

KUIIYER 35000RPM, Suitable for beauty parlor, nail salon, home, personal DIY manicure & pedicure. Choose KUIIYER professional nail drill kit, Open your new world of nail art. The most suitable speed can be adjusted according to the specific nail project. Forward and reverse rotating directions can be selected no matter whether you are right-handed or left-handed.

7. KARITE Rechargeable Electric Nail Drill Machine

KARITE Rechargeable, This electric nail drill

KARITE Rechargeable, This electric nail drill features a 3000mAH built-in battery that can provide a continuous working time of over 24 hours after a full charge. With this strong battery. The ergonomically designed handpiece is comfortable to hold and super easy to operate, making your work enjoyable.

Do you need a good-speed nail drill machine?

Electrical nail files are rated on their revolutions per minute (RPM) to rank their speed. They typically run a gambit from 10,000 RPM to 30,000 RPM. Just like the speed of most instruments, quicker equals extra powerful. Professional nail techs will wish to be drilled within the 25,000 to 30,000 RPM range to successfully work with acrylics and builder gel.

Even home nail artists will need to stick with that variety if they plan on doing their personal acrylic nails or different nail extensions from home. It takes a good bit of power to grind these mediums down. For house customers who only want it for removing gel nail polish, basic manicures, or for pedicures of toenails, you can simply get away with lower than 20,000 RPM.

How to use an electric nail drill correctly?

Before using your moveable electric nail file, you should have a radical understanding of the way it works, especially if that is your first time. Studying the function of these high-speed, powerful machines will stop pointless damage to yourself or your nails. After studying the safety instruction ideas. You’ll be able to learn to successfully use one by yourself nails. With follow, you’ll have the ability to create salon-style nail art.

Is it worth choosing a better-quality drill?

When you’re going to make use of your nail file, you have to look into high-quality model names akin to Makartt, Purenails, Belle, etc. They cost a bit more, and that additional cost will pay off in the long term with a high-quality model that may last for years. Low-cost instruments will not be a superb investment.

The greatest electrical nail file drills can adapt to most standard file bit sizes, which is what it is best to look out for when making your buy. That way, you recognize you have regular management over your filing space without having to accommodate a measurement that’s too large or too small. We have added a few top quality and best nail drills for natural nails above, you can check and buy.

Last Updated on March 7, 2024

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