Top 5 nail polish dryers for regular polish

Do you know, how can you choose the best nail dryer for regular polish? Lots of UV/LED nail polish dryers or lamps are available on the market. All is not good. You need to spend on getting a high-quality dryer. It’s difficult for you. So, I will try to help. I have found some professional-type dryers, that I would like to share. Let’s try

sunuv for regular polish

1. Sunuv 48W dryers for regular polish

SUNUV could be a home for a professional nail dryer with advanced and professionally designed UV+LED dual light. All SUNUV nail lamps are applicable to drying the majority of nail gels. They’re modern, durable, and ideal for home and salon use. The proprietary UV/LED 48-watt light beads own distinctive qualities. Your nails are going to be cured quickly and look shiny without having to attend longer for the smell to disappear. The well-constructed look uses its energy with efficiency.

You don’t need a switch button to turn on the device. Simply place your hand into the device and also the device will the detection. Then, it’ll mechanically activate. Withdraw your give and the lamp can shut down. This professional nail dryer sensor device and the digital time show create it higher and nicer to watch your time. The lamp/dryer emits non-ultraviolet white daylight that is safe to use. It doesn’t cause a hand change of color or eye irritation. White led light is gentler than ancient purple UV lights, which suggests.

You’ll be able to make sure that the gel nail polish color is protected additionally as your nails, skin, and eyes. This electric nail polish dryer has 4 button operations. It’s terribly convenient to decide on from any of the time controls. The lamp will be set to 10s, the 30s, 60s, and 90s double power low heat mode. These 4 timer settings can assist you to select the most effective time for your nail polish kind. I highly recommended it.

MelodySusie Professional nail dryer

2. MelodySusie Portable Dryer

This is professional other than the MelodySusie portable led 6W mini Nail dryer. This unit can be a solid selection if you’re searching for a mini-sized, compact transportable nail dryer for home use. The dryer cures all kinds of led gel polishes within seconds. Besides drying the nail polish, this dryer is additionally equipped with led light beads.

This product is the best wattage for a led nail lamp that manufactures enough light to safeguard your hands, feet, eyes, and skin from any damage. Additionally, to a nail dryer, the package also includes a 100V-240V A/C adapter, a welcome card, and a full usage instruction booklet. This is a lead nail lamp that shortens your drying time by 500th than other UV nail lamps. You can easily cure your gel polish.


gelish nail drying machine

3. Gelish 18G Professional LED Dryer

Gelish dryer price is something big, under $200. But it’s very professional and high-quality. Perfect for the salon. It is a well-built piece designed to supply the best drying services. It’s ideal for each domestic and professional use. This item comes with a high-intensity diamond reflector that regulates the temperature or the brightness of the lamp. It’s an ergonomic style and display.

While maintaining the performance of professionally-led nail curing lamps. This lamp cures gel polish in just 5 seconds. It is each pedicure and manicure friendly. The lamp’s replacement receptacle is magnetized, so it’s fast and simple to exchange for sanitation functions between clients. It will not take a very long time. 


TEMEMDY Nail Polish Dryer


The dual light of this product works in 30 to 60 seconds. It will even dry the gen glue within this point. There are 36W beads of light. It’s automatic sensors and a detachable base. There are four planned timers. It’s a UV/LED product and also the light beads are an additional bonus. The product delivers wonderful results. The dissipation whole style is wonderful and eye-catching. The auto-setting infrared induction is an extra feature of the product.

You’ll place the hand into the machine while not pressing timing buttons as a result it’ll automatically activate to figure. You can easily cure your nail. This machine gets into corresponding timing and automatically shuts down when the timer finishes or hands leave. 99 seconds for low heat mode, protecting your hands. You can use it for regular, gel, or acrylic nail polish. Also best nail dryer. Read more [dust collector for professional use]

LuxeUp lamp

5. LuxeUp for Gel Nails

Their nail dryer lamp is one of the few with a power of 54 Watts which might effectively shorten. The drying time of your nails while being safe on your skin and your eyes. LuxeUp brands recently upgraded our nail dryer lamp with an especially technological style. Elite led display and a 99s low heat mode, creating it nice for either home or salon use.

This nail dryer is for regular polish. The led screen is super bright and simple to control. Sure to serve you well for years to come back. This gel nail drying lamp is guaranteed to last for 50.000 hours of continuous use. You can try to use it.

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