16 Best French Tip Nails

Best French Tip Nails

Top Picks: Question: What are French tip nails? French tip nails are a traditional type of nail design where the tips of the nails are painted white or a light-weight color. The rest of the nail is painted a natural, nude, or pale pink shade. This model is meant to mimic the looks of a … Read more

10 Best coffin nail tips [short & long]

best coffin nails

Our top picks: What are coffin nails? A coffin nail is a sort of nail with a small head and is usually used in carpentry. These nails are also referred to as spikes or nails with a small head. This kind of nail was initially used in coffins to lock wood together. You should use … Read more

10 Best cute nail shapes

best cute nails

Our top picks: What is the consideration for naturally cute nails? Use moisturizer When rubbing lotion or oil into your hands, be sure you work it into the cuticles and nails, too. Regular handwashing or using hand sanitizer can dry out the skin and nail bed shortly, so try to moisturize after each wash, if … Read more

10 Best ombre nails

best ombare nails

Our top picks: What is the ombre nails? Ombre nails are very on-trend right now, and it definitely looks like everybody wants them. The best information is that it doesn’t contain some exotic technique or something that’s going to turn the business. Upside down no, the world can keep upright for now. It is only … Read more

10 Best Long press on nails

Long Press on Nails

Our top picks: What are the benefits of press-on nails? It takes less than 10 minutes to prep my nails and apply the falsies which makes preparing for an event a snap Having stated that, you may take longer a primary couple of times, but not by much. They leave nails more healthy than earlier. … Read more

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