Top 10 nail files

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What types of nail files are available on market?

Metal Nail Files
Metal nail files can take off plenty of lengths faster than an emery board, however, They’re additionally harsh on the nails and may cause flaking of the nails. Comes in solid metallic and metal files which can be coated in Corundum.

Glass Nail Files
Are available in lots of completely different qualities, and it can be difficult to find out the quality without using it first. Some are manufactured from solid glass others are glass with an abrasive surface. Stay away from the glass files that only have an abrasive surface as this may fall off while filing your nails.

Crystal Nail Files
Just about identical to a glass nail file only this doesn’t have an abrasive surface however is rather a stable piece. They are going to final you forever and are perfect for your nails. Some people think they’re too expensive, however for a nail file that’s simple to sanitize, and can final practically forever it isn’t expensive at all.

How to shape short nails?

You don’t need to cut the nails if they’re already quick, but when they’re uneven, cut all of them to about the same size.
Begin on the surface nook and file towards the center, then do the alternative nook. Don’t see back and forth.
With quick nails, it’s especially important that you go slowly as a result if they get too quick, it can be painful.

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