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12-pc Nail Polish Packs powered by Kleancolor

Nail Polish PacksDifferent Color Nail Polish Packs

Kleancolor Nail Polish Trend setting shades with a top-quality formula long-lasting. chip-resistant nail lacquer. With high quality vivid colors for the perfect manicure. Almost available in every imaginable color under the sun!.

Formulated for long-lasting wear with no lumps or lines. The superb applicator brush picks up just the right amount of polish. Smoothly applies on nails. Quick-dry formula.


  1. Comes in bright nail colors
  2. Smooth and long lasting
  3. Travel Friendly Use
  4. 14ml. / 0.5 fl oz


stain the nail bed ?


It stains the whole nail and more difficult to take off then other nail polishes although it chips the same or next day. I use a fine nail file to sand off the stain. I only use it for my toes now. The polish on my hands chip to easy with day to day tasks. I only wear sandals so the toe nail polish lasts longer.
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12-pc Nail Polish Packs With Different Color
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