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How do I whiten my nails?

The top surface of your nail is rather like the top layer of your skin, has a useless layer. This layer in toes and fingernails is uncovered by components, friction to shoes, and dangerous chemical substances in nail polishes. So to get a shiny look, you have to buff the imperfection which is definitely achieved by utilizing a 3-way nail file or buff & shine file which gently removes the roughness, leaving a shiny look as if you’re wearing a top coat. Make sure to not over-buff also, you can use the best nail whiteners.

How do you whiten yellow gel nails?

Clean your nails with polish remover
Clip, file, and buff
Push back your cuticles
Exfoliate your hands
Moisturize your hands and cuticles
Apply a base coat
Apply your first coat of color
Apply your second coat of color

How do you whiten discolored nails?

Over your nails with the toothpaste and work it around your nails with the Q-tips. Go away it on for 10, to 15 minutes. Wash your nails with a nail brush. It will take off some, but when it is fairly dark, you may have to do that every day til the nails are not yellow. Using darkly pigmented nail polish will make your nails look just a little yellow. Calmly pigmented polish would not have an identical impact on your nails. Generally. It is extremely pigmented so the yellow shows up.

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