Quickly remove gel nails yourself Using 3 item

//Quickly remove gel nails yourself Using 3 item

Quickly remove gel nails yourself

If you would like to quickly remove gel nails yourself, then you can follow few instructions. I hope you will get best & easy solution. Some materials you need to buy. lets go..

quickly remove gel nail polish

1. Zinnor Gel Nail Polish Remover

This polish remover is very easy to use. Finger doesn’t need to touch the resurrection water. Harmless to body the reach of the fingernail, safer and easier than traditional nail polish remover.



  1. Plug in & turn on the red switch
  2. Wait for the middle green light is lit up
  3. Add the unload fingernails to the hole, wait for 5 to 10 minutes
  4. To be an oil blowout, take out your fingers, gently push steel around the soft nail polish.
  5. Complete

gel nail polish

2. Foils Nail Wraps

A foil option is the most common gel polish removal technique. That you’ll read about, for a couple of reasons. It’s generally pretty affordable, easy to do, and super convenient to travel with — this Item.

In particular, comes with 200 pieces, which is a major bang for your buck. After applying acetone-soaked cotton pads (which are included) to your fingernails or toenails.


  1. Use nail file for nail surface
  2. Put the remover liquid on the cotton
  3. Use aluminum on your gel nails
  4. Wait 15-20 minutes
  5.  Finish, very easy

gel nail polish yourself

3. Cap Clip Gel Polish Remover

These are so cool. Some acetone on a piece of cotton. Put it on your nail and clip one of these things on and a couple of minutes later voila, no more polish. It worked great on regular creme nail polish. I’m looking forward to trying it with more stubborn glitter polish. Obviously, these are more for gel and acrylic removal, but I hate the hassle of even just regular polish remover and this makes it super fast.


  1. Soaking the pads with pure acetone
  2. Putting the soaking pads on the nails
  3. Use this keeper and wait 5-10 minutes
  4.  Finish

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