Top 5 nail polish strips review

Nail polish strips are one of the largest trends in-home manicures. They’re fast and simple to use and provide a spread of styles that can be not possible to color by hand. However, the only part concerning them is that they don’t smell. I hate the smell of nail polish and if you’re like me you’ll get to do them. Every complete manufacturer of nail stickers has absolutely different formulas so every productizes reaching to be a bit different.

One of the most necessary factors for having long-lasting nail polish stickers is to properly homework to your nails. You are reaching to got to clean your nails using nail polish remover. Wash your hands and use a moisturizing lotion similar to cuticle oil. Once the lotion and cuticle oil have dried and your hands are not greasy you’ll be able to begin applying the nail wraps or stickers. Many brands are available on the market but everything is not good. Anyway, let’s get started.

best nail polish strips

1. Incoco Strips Brands

This strips absolutely best. It was made in the USA and it was built using 100% real nail polish. They are easy to apply for and look like professional jobs. They last about 2 weeks if you apply a quality top coat on them. These are the ONLY way to get the perfect french manicure.  If your nail beds are wide, you will have difficulty doing full coverage from edge to edge. Not even a professional can paint the lines this perfectly. You will get at least 14 days to wear it. No need to go to any nail salon. You can do it yourself. I highly recommended it.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips

2. Sally Hansen Real

Some people are saying that they had a hard time separating the plastic from the strip. If you place the strip on your nails before removing the plastic you will have an easier time. Also, yes, once they are opened you need to use them very quickly. Sally hansen brand dries out and becomes brittle. It’s NOT stickers, it’s stripped. So that they can’t be adjusted once it touches your nail.

If you’re having trouble with the strips being dry, simply use clear nail polish to make them more mailable on your nail. Remember that these are no longer manufactured by Sally Hansen, so any product you’re getting may need a little extra work. Press it down and so remove the plastic strip. They were slightly expensive, considering that you can only do your nails one time per pack. Get the best results to use a rubber cuticle pusher or your thumb pad to sleek it into place. Read best nail drill machine.

ASP Fiberglass Nail Wrap

3. ASP Fiberglass Nail Wraps

This fiberglass nail wrap kit is very easy to use if you’ve got done wraps before but not for 1st timers the pre-cuts are higher. If you are not smart at cutting and working with this fiberglass. Easy to use if you’ve done wraps before but not for first-timers the pre-cuts are better if you aren’t good at cutting and working with this fiberglass since if you pull the shape changes and you need to peel off where pre-cuts have tabs to pull off. If you pull the form changes and you would like to peel off where pre-cuts have tabs to pull off.

HIGH'S nail art strips

4. HIGH’S Nail Art Polish Wraps

These nail wrap strips can be used on any nail, like hands, and toes, even though false nails. If you prefer you’ll be able to DIY personal patterns on it. Not only protect your nails. However, also looks very cool. Easy and quicker than polish and looks great. Goes with any outfit. Never have to worry about smeared polish or getting it on clothes. Lasts for about 10-15 days. So much less expensive than going to a salon. The nail wraps are manufactured from durable, Non-toxic, and environmental-friendly real polish.

best nail polish strips

5. RUIMIO Nail Stickers

The nail wrap stickers include a lot of cute designs for any time of year, like stars, hearts, cats, etc, and even have some Christmas-themed styles. Like Santa Claus, Reindeer, Christmas Trees, Snowflake, etc. Simple nail decoration will offer you a unique look. There have 30 nail stickers in 18 totally different colorful styles. Try to use it.

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