Easkep UV Light for gel polish curing reviews

uv lamps for gel polish

86W Nail Dryer UV Light for Gel Nails

The lights are super bright and have the perfect amount of strength for both resin and nail art. The timers are pre-set from 10s to 99s & curing time can be freely switched and controlled. The 99s low heat design provides temperature protection for your hands, allowing you to experience a painless curing process. This item will not take up much space on the table, which can free up more space to put your favorite color gel polish.

Every setting is so nice and cures instantly. In order for your gel to cure properly, you must use a thin coat 90% of women do not understand that these lamps cure thin coats instantly. If your gel coat is still not cured, it’s too thick. A thin coat cures in 30 seconds. The lamp has 4 settings. a 99-sec pain-free setting, a 60-second setting, a 30-second setting, and a 10-second setting. Try to use these lamps.

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Last Updated on February 24, 2023

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