Essie expressie, Quick-Dry Nail Polish

  • Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish: Precious Cargo-go, an olive green with a cream finish, is a fast-drying nail polish so you can grab, apply, and dry on the fly. One step color & shine formula that dries in about a minute.
  • One-Step Nail Color: Apply 2 coats of any expressive nail polish color on clean nails and let dry for about a minute. No base or top coat is needed. Follow with Essie apricot cuticle oil for added nourishment.
  • The Latest Innovation from Essie Nail Polish: expressie nail polishes feature our first-ever angled polish brush for easy self-application with both hands, including your nondominant hand; To switch, simply flip the nail brush and angle it down.
  • Iconic and Trendsetting Colors: from the Essie collection, which has produced over a thousand nail polish shades and counting. Essie nail polish takes from fashion and cultural trends to make manicure possibilities endless.
  • America’s Nail Expert: Essie is a leader in nail luxury, committed to high quality standards. Our nail polish has a vegan formula with no animal-derived ingredients and no animal testing. Essie nail polishes and nail care products make life colorful.

Last Updated on March 23, 2024

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