Easkep UV Light for gel polish curing reviews

uv lamps for gel polish

86W Nail Dryer UV Light for Gel Nails The lights are super bright and have the perfect amount of strength for both resin and nail art. The timers are pre-set from 10s to 99s & curing time can be freely switched and controlled. The 99s low heat design provides temperature protection for your hands, allowing … Read more

Makartt nail drill bit holder set reviews

drill bit holder

Makartt nail drill bit holder set The nail drill bit set comes with 10pcs drill bits with different sizes for any nail gel artwork like reshaping, polishing, sharpening, carving building nail gel nails, or acrylic nails. A very professional quality set to meet all needs of cuticles removing gel art nails. If you buy this … Read more

Nailene Ultra quick drying nail glue reviews

naillene nail glue

Nailene Ultra quick drying nail glue This quick-dry nail glue has a precision tip applicator to provide consistent dispersion. It sets in seconds & holds firm for extra-long wearing. Easy to apply and comfortable, Nailene artificial nail lines cater to your needs for classic, simple, yet stylish nail looks for every occasion. The bottle is … Read more

Tweezerman nail clipper combo set reviews

Tweezerman nail clipper

Tweezerman nail clipper Tweezerman is top & fabulous with a reliable brand. with good quality easy-to-use products. These clippers are very sturdy & clip clean. They will work great for clipping toenails, fingernails, and pet nails. Blades with a curved edge for fingernails and a straight edge for toenails provide excellent accuracy. It won’t tear or … Read more

Learn: How to make toenails white and shiny At home

how to make toenails white at home

Most people don’t know how to make toenails white. There is always a tendency in us to be more careful about our skin, and hair. And we greatly neglect the hand nails. What happened to it? Only the nails lose brightness. So there is a need to focus a little more on the nails when … Read more

8 Best nail clipper for big dogs

best nail clipper for big dogs

When a dog is uncooperative, it’s difficult for any dog/pet owner to trim their nails. Many folks worry to trim their dog’s nails too short or nipping the fast. Which may cause hurt and leave behind small droplets of blood within the home. By using the best nail clippers for big dogs, one can greatly … Read more