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Electric Pet Nail Grinder Powered By Hertzko

Electric Pet Nail GrinderElectric Pet Nail Grinder For Pet uses a diamond bit grinder. That delivers smooth, safe grinding for your pet’s claws. This grinder provides three different size ports. allowing you to choose the best port for your individual pet’s claw size.

Hertkzo grinding motor is designed to have low noise. low vibration to help your dog stay calm and relaxed during your in-home grooming session. The grinder is rechargeable and also comes with a USB wire for juicing up.




Do you have to replace the nail grinder/filer and if so, where do you get replacement heads?


No, This particular brand has a special grinding stone that ‘as hard as diamonds’. It extremely quiet. You will need to have patients with yourself and your dog. It takes a technic to using it and your dog needs to get used to it being used of them. Once you both get used to it you both will love it. It’s a nice size which males it nice to hold. you won’t need to worry about buying any sandpaper discs. Enjoy!
(Question & ans from Amazon)

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Best Electric Pet Nail Grinder
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