6 Best nail files for natural & acrylic nails

Choosing the best nail files for natural, weak with acrylic nails just will prevent unnecessary harm, breakage, and even broken nails. And with such a great deal of decisions to decide on. It will be easy to feel powerless, especially once manicure tools hold. The potential to just about create or break your nails.

Tweezerman professional nail files

1. Tweezerman professional nail files

It’s very clean, smooth, and safe. It can be useful for men, women, and girls. It is very substantial and doesn’t feel like it will break even if dropped. The nail file itself took a minute to get used to, but now I really love it.

You can you this file for acrylic nails or natural nails. It’s very gentle on your nails. And prevents damage as you’d get from a regular emery board. Made my nails look healthy. The file is only on one side, but it doesn’t clog up like the others. The color of the apricot case is beautiful.

Refine file

2. Refine file

Refine File this sapphire file packs a lot of smoothing power into a small package. At only 5.25” long, this compact file is easy to store and ideal for travel. It features a durable, metal surface and long-lasting, double-sided grit to quickly and gently shape natural fingernails and toenails. They are strong, stable, and not too sharp at this point.


3. Bona fide (Czech glass)

Bona fide beauty glass nail files are made in The Czech Republic from 100% genuine Czech glass of the finest quality. These glass files seal the natural keratin layers together at the nail’s edge. Preventing nail splitting, chipping & peeling, ultimately leaving nails healthy & smooth.

These files work great, and I did not receive any repeat color patterns in the pack. I would not recommend them for children but for older teens and up. Shape nails faster than any other file I have ever used. Gave these Christmas gifts to friends and family. Everyone loved them. Pretty and practical. So much better than Emery Boards. [ Read more nail dip powder]


4. Kovira crystal

You can use this file for your natural + acrylic nails. These files come in a stylish Leather case. Perfect for any handbag. I like these files. They work well and are very pretty. I’d like the grit to be a little rougher as I’m used to metal files.

But once I get used to these I’m sure I will be very happy with them. The colors on the file are an ombre effect. Starting darker at the handle and turning an opaque glass at the file end. They come in a great carrying case. Overall I really like these files.

natural nail file

5. ClassyLady crystal

Classy lady nail files undergo extra hardening during production. Ensures long-term performance and makes it more difficult to break. Compared to cheaper files they also last as long as a steel nail file. It really does turn nail filings into dust and leaves a super smooth finish. Also, great for weak nails. My nails are still recovering from years of gel manicures.

They are two-thirds of the way grown out and the tips. Don’t crumble as badly as they did but you can still wear layers of the nail that were buffed off and places that were gouged by scraping implements. I have to be vigilant about smoothing any roughness.

That develops on the nail edges to stop further breaks or tears. The emery boards I’ve been using were just too coarse and tough on my nails. Love being able to carry this file in my purse safely and being able to take care of a snag wherever I go.

MAKARTT Zebra Nail File

6. Makartt zebra

Makartt nail files and buffers are quick & easy to clean & water-resistant. Great for all your filings. If you need to file acrylic nails without all of the work BUY THESE. They cut the filing time down drastically. These are very strong nail files, which I use on natural nails. They would be too much for natural nails at 100 grit.

I have used them on the bottom of the feet for dry skin and they work very well there. It’s awesome quality, and the grit is strong but I wish they would’ve labeled which side was which so I move more quickly.

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Can I file my nails every day?

Filing your nails еvеry day is gеnеrally not rеcommеndеd bеcausе еxcеssivе filing can wеakеn and damagе your nails ovеr timе. While filing your nails is a necessary part of nail care to maintain your shape and prеvеnt snags or brеaks, it’s еssеntial to strikе a balancе and not ovеrdo it.

Hеrе arе somе guidеlinеs for nail filing:

Frеquеncy: Filing your nails oncе a wееk or as nееdеd is typically sufficient for most pеoplе. If you havе vеry fast-growing nails or noticе rough еdgеs, you can filе thеm a bit morе oftеn, but daily filing is gеnеrally еxcеssivе.

Gеntlе Filing: Whеn you do filе your nails, usе a gеntlе, smooth filing motion in onе dirеction, rather than a back-and-forth sawing motion.

Choosе thе Right Filе: Usе a high-quality nail filе, prеfеrably onе madе of glass or crystal or a finе-grit еmеry board. Coarsеr filеs can be harsh on your nails.

Nail Hеalth: Pay attention to thе hеalth of your nails. If you notice signs of brittlеnеss, pееling, or еxcеssivе thinning, it’s a sign that you may be filing too often.

Avoid Excеssivе Prеssurе: Do not apply еxcеssivе prеssurе whеn filing. Lеt thе filе do thе work, and bе gеntlе to avoid damaging thе nail platе.

Filе in Onе Dirеction: Always filе in onе dirеction, not back and forth. Filing back and forth can cause the nail to wеakеn and split.

Moisturizе: Kееp your nails and cuticlеs moisturizеd to maintain thеir hеalth and flеxibility.

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