6 Best Holographic nail powders sets

Are you looking best holographic nail powder set? Don’t worry, today I will share some high-quality powder. That will make your nails fashionable, sleek, beautiful, and many more. So let’s get started.

best holographic nail powder

1. IMethod Chrome holographic nail powder set

This powder is wonderful. IMethod holographic powder contains real silver, not aluminum like different brands. And can create your nails shine like an iridescent unicorn. You’ll be able to accomplish completely different holographic color looks using a colorful base underneath the powder. These nail powders are made from ultrafine salon-grade pigments.

You’ll be able to get a minimum of 25 manicures in one jar, which means 40 cents per time. At salons, Holographic manicures price 20-35 or a lot. It’s very simple to use and the result can be stunning. Confirm you will buy a no-wipe top coat for this product for an excellent result. I highly recommended it.

Brino Holographic Nail Powder

2. Brino Powder

Brino powder cost something big, but it’s a great powder from others. Their unique formula activates the mirror result only on Gel nail polish. If used with regular nail polish, you may get a glittering result rather than a chrome metallic result. There includes a total of 12 colors of chrome powder that match up a totally different background. I suggested it.

Yuxuan Holographic Powder Holosexual Salon Nails

3. Yuxuan Holographic Nail Powder

If you follow their directions, you’ll get a really pretty holographic style for your nails. The tube itself appears very little, however, there is over enough powder to last for quite a few manicures. It packs on simply and is extremely reflective. It comes with 2 sticks that you can simply use.

PrettyDiva Unicorn Chrome

4. PrettyDiva Unicorn Chrome

This powder is matched up with all colors of gel polish to make varied results. The product is absolutely the best quality ingredient. They check their product extensively to ensure a sleek shiny end. You would like to apply one coat of BRIGHT Hot Pink or Red gel polish and cure below UV/Led lamp until completely dry.

best holographic nail powder

5. Born Pretty

The powder provides your nail a nice chameleon result, not a solely shining mirror but additionally changing colors. Don’t need special nail art talent. Don’t have to worry that you’re unable to use the powder on your nails successfully. Apply the black color coat, cure, then the second coat, cure. (Darker base will help to get the higher chameleon effect). You can try to use it. [Read more about best dip powder ]

NICOLE DIARY 3 Boxes Holographic Laser Glitter

6. NICOLE DIARY Laser Glitter Powder

Each unique color is made vibrant to brighten your mood. Created exploitation of the best quality sequins out there on the present market. The sequins have a holographic impact and partial mirror glitter result. Very easy application. The price isn’t huge. It is a very cheap price.

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