Best cnd shellac nail polish reviews

//Best cnd shellac nail polish reviews

Cnd shellac nail polish?

Cnd shellac nail polish, Some people reference this type of nail as shellac gel nails. This is because the product is half regular nail polish, half gel and is typically applied with two color coats and a top coat. Between each coat, you cure the color and set the polish by putting your nails under a special UV light.

The difference between gel and shellac nail polish isn’t going to blow your mind. But none the less, there is one. Put simply, a shellac nails mani is a semi-permanent polish. While the gel is a semi-permanent gel.

About This Item

If you want a super professional finish at home and you happen to own an LED light (you can buy these from Sephora). CND Shellac powder is a wonderful option. It lasts for over two weeks without chipping or losing its shine – which was oh-so-impressive.

You also need to use the top coat from the same brand to get it right, and it will last really well. Also, this is a brand that a lot of salons use. And if you want to avoid the hassle of hitting the parlor each time. This is some great stuff that you need to try.

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