Learn fingernail problems and solutions talk with Dr:

//Learn fingernail problems and solutions talk with Dr:

Fingernail problems and solutions, talk with Dr.

fingernail problems and solutionsDr. Tauhida Rahman talk about fingernail problems and solutions

Nails are important organs of our body & Nails have some of their own diseases. Some of the procedures of the body come back on the effects and nails. Talk about the adviser of Skin and optical maser Center Dr. Towhida Rahman

Question: What kind of problem can you face?

Answer: we all need healthy nails.& And for girls, nails are like ornaments. They paint it fantastically. If there’s a problem with the nails then the beauty of the complete hand is gone. Nails will have totally different issues & Nails have some of its own diseases, that are in the nails. There also are some diseases of the skin, that have an effect. And there are problems in nails because of systemic diseases.

Question: what will create a problem?

Ans: The color becomes a little yellowish. The nails become thick. Flame can come. Later, when the symptoms are revealed, the patient’s daily physical activity is interrupted. There are four types of anaemomycosis. The most common of these is the discrete labels cubical anaemomycosis. Since it is fungal, so use topical antifungal. It can be lotion or cream. As well as mouth antifungal drugs are eaten. These medicines usually eat for three months.

Question: Who has the similar problem, how can he understand?

Ans: At first I say, nails have many own diseases. The first is that, the very common Actinomycosis. It comes from the fungus. Usually, there is no symptom at all. So the patient does not make any complaint. It is seen, the color of the nails is changing. Being a little hilarious. Then it looks very rotten, it may come as a patient to come.

Question: What is your suggestion for using artificial nails in that case?

Ans: The first is to avoid the use of artificial nails, the better. And be careful when opening. Neil must be very careful about the polish remover. The remoter should be acetone free. Because acetone nails damage the follicle.

Question: What kind of complications can be caused by nail disease?

Ans: In fact, the disease was removed from the nails to the finger. Again, some diseases of skin problems also occur, such as -Psoriasis. It is a very common disease. Another disease followed by Lycan Planes. Due to the disease, people suffer from a lack of confidence. These were about skin. And if the systematic diseases are not controlled, then its harmful effects also occur. One thing is said, the nails will tell the condition of the body. You can see a nail and see how his physical condition is.


Question: Many people ignore nail care. But what do you have to say about nail care?

Ans: To maintain nail care, cleanliness must be maintained first. The nail-cutting thing comes first in the nail clean-up. Another problem is Anaciogyphosis. The nails continue to grow abnormally. If the nails do not maintain cleanliness, these problems arise. So the nails have to be cut, keep it clean. And every time you wash your hands in a variety of diseases, use a moisturizer. The winter is coming in front. Frequent moisturizer will have to be repeated.

And be careful about food and chess. Nails are made of proteins. So zinc, protein, biotin, eat these rich foods. Along with this, eat iron-rich foods. Because, due to the absence of iron, the disease becomes nasty. Nails like spoons, which are called Coilonicia Calls. However, we are talking about fingernail problems and solutions.


Question: What is your treatment, when the patient comes to this problem?

When the patient comes up with such a problem. We check the blood and see what is the level of hemoglobin, what is the level of iron. Rare food and supplement are to take him. After fixing these, the nails are back in the previous state.

Question: Do the nails that are completely healed in the treatment methods? Or there is a danger of being again?

Ans: Now if there is disease due to infection (eg: actinomycosis), then it may happen again. Maybe even with psoriasis. In this case, you have to control the disease so that its pressure does not fall on your nails. Liver, lung, and kidney diseases-all have an effect. The shape of the nails can also be changed. cheapest running shoes online

Color may also change. For example, if you have lung disease, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, nails will become yellow. After that there is no trial, the nails become white. Those who are suffering from Chronic Liver Disease, such as liver cirrhosis, this is their case. After that half and half nail. A part may be Sadaam, but another part is brown or red. Those who have renal failures, they have a problem. Those who have been dialysis for a long time or kidney transplant, they have problems.

Question: What do you do for nail diseases due to systemic diseases? Separate treatment? Or will the nails get better when the diseases are under control?

Ans: The procedural treatments should be controlled. In this case, send to the specialists of medicine.

Question: What are some things we need to keep in mind about the problem of nails?

Ans: As I said before, the nails are the beauty of hands. If the nails are not nice, you do not like to see either hands or feet. Keep the nails clean. Regularly cut. You can massage nails with coconut or olive oil. It will provide nutrition. To eat healthy food.

Question: There are many, whose nails become thin or very easily broken. Why is this and what is the suggestion to prevent it?

Ans: It is actually a food shortage. If there is a lack of bio-satin, zinc or iron in the food then the nails become thin. And the other is using too much nail polish, using remover, using glue-so that the nails become thin. I hope everyone will like this topic fingernail problems and solutions.

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