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Top Quality Kids Friendly Nail Polish Reviews

Are you looking top & best quality kids friendly nail polish?

The unlimited varieties of nail polish for kids safe available in the market. And most of the time safe, affordable and enjoyable. They come with quick dry technology and easy application methods. There are no chemicals involved. So you don’t have to fear your child putting his fingers in the mouth. Apart from everything else, the shades of the water-based nail paints are extremely impressive. You would get all the bright colors the chest pain, purple, blue, black, red and yellow. The environmental friendly nail polishes are free from any odor and toxicity.

One way the water-based kids safe nail polish is absolutely gentle and free from chemicals. The presence of polyurethane and polyacrylic monomers are less than 100 parts per million. In another word, water-based emulsions which have their functionalities resembling with milk. Such nail polishes are manufactured using sugar, proteins, cellulose and natural Polymers which are non-harmful and safe. Anyway, let’s get started

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1. Honeybee Gardens Water Colors Nail Polish

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In this product for tiny testers is the water-based honeybee Gardens nail polish. The best would be to buy the product only if your child is 6 years old or above. It has been rated slightly lower because of certain chemical ingredients involved in it.do not use any nail dryer.

2. Piggy Paint kids friendly nail polish

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Piggy Paint is perhaps one of the best nail polish for kids which has acquired the maximum market with its non-toxic colors and super safe ingredients. The product dries within just 1 minute and is a perfect choice for kids.

3. Emosa Nail Polish

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The water-based Emosa nail polish set is the highest quality product available online. With fast drying technology. that leaves the names of the kids colorful and shiny. It won’t be long to categories as one of the best nail polish for kids. Emosa nail polish is odorless natural ingredients. no formaldehyde and no toxic chemicals.

4. Suncoat Girl

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There are two things that I think are really cool about Suncoatgirl Nail Polish. First, it peels off, so no nail polish remover is needed. Second, it is available both on its own and as part of an adorable makeup kit that includes eye shadow and lip shimmer.

5. Puttisu nail polish

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Puttisu water pangpang nail is the world’s first water-based nail polish. It is a hypoallergic and non-toxic mild nail polish. That containing 70% or more water. Water Pangpang Nail can be painted. like bright paint and removed with lukewarm water.

6. Bontime Non-Toxic nail polish

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This polish is Babies and kids Safe nail polish. Cost-efficient and eco-friendly. Free of chemical solvents that are corrosive to your nails. You no need to go to the salon. If you don’t like the color on your nail. Then just peel it off and paint another one to goes nice with your clothes. Always ensures smooth and even coverage. 90s rapid dry for each layer Apply 2 coats for good coverage.

7. Townley Girl Dreamworks

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Non-toxic and water-based formula makes these polishes safe for your young ones aged three years old. and older including tweens and teens.its perfect for small hands and feet. No need to expose your kids to harmful vapors and chemicals.

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7 Top Quality Kids Friendly Nail Polish Reviews
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